Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Independence a reality check

Today we have largest number independent democratic countries in the history of human civilization. Majority of today’s countries have their own elected government and the representative. Peoples of such countries enjoy their own state’s law.

Human civilization has developed itself from nomadic to democratic states. In past, nations have been governed by authoritarian rules of Kings and their councils. Today, we have people’s elected representatives for governing our nations.

Now the questions arises, are we really lives a independent life in today’s democracy?

The path to democracy was long in human civilization. Still democratic system “people’s own rule” can be debatable. We can find signs of authoritarianism in modern democratic system. The elected representatives, the law makers of today’s world sometimes tends to be an authoritarian.

For instance, one of the basic privilege of any citizen is of safety. Really think of it. Irrespective of the country develop or under-develop, that the country’s government primary duty towards their citizens is of safety and security. The leaders should work to secure their citizens before them. Is this really what happens in regular governance? I think not. Instead they allocate more and more funds on VVIP’s security. Deploying more security to safeguard government establishments. Just take statistics from any country on how many of the leaders and the common citizens been killed in violence? The numbers of common citizens are far more.

This is just one issues, there are many more, like right of speech and so on.

Sometime relation among leaders & their followers looks similar to the above pic.

A question still stands, are today’s democratic systems are flawless? Are they do need to get better?

Probably our democracies will become and function better as we become more civilized.

Independence is stage should be enjoyed by all. To be independent one should be librated from foreign rules and regulations. The basic rule of co-existence should always be honored. One day highest stage of being civilized will be achieved by us. Where everyone will live in peace, harmony, designate their nation’s law and will self impose it.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Seven Cultures

For evolution of the human soul

It is rightly said that, “an ounce of practice is better than tons of  theory. Here we have mentioned about few suggestions which can cultivate the essence of the Eternal Culture in its purest form. Suggestions are suitable for modern busy householders with fixed hours of work. One can modify them to suits own convenience & increase the period gradually.

It is advisable to take in beginning few practicable resolves which form a small but definite advance over ones present habits and character. In case of certain health issues, pressure of work or any unavoidable engagements one can observe minimum for the period.

Spiritual Culture

SimpleDhyan It is better to be in bed early at night. One should get up at 4 o’clock in morning. After answering calls of nature like, cleaning mouth and taking bath, etc., practice yogic breathing (Pranayama) and meditation from 5 to 6 o’clock. Morning time is best for yogic breathing and meditation. Meditating in Padma, Siddha or Sukha Asana (positions) throughout. Practicing meditations without movement can be achieved by gradual practice. Possibly perform daily practice. Make annual resolves on the above lines. Regularity, tenacity and fixity are essential. Record your practice in a diary daily. Review it every month and correct your failures.

Health Culture

Eat moderately. Take light and simple food. Beginning of meal offer it to God (a supreme soul that is in everyone and everywhere). Have a balanced diet. Avoid poultry products &  meat as far as possible. If possible give up tea, coffee, smoking, betel and alcohols. Instead take milk and/or fruit juices. Prefer fasting for a day in a month. Practice yoga and physical exercises for fifteen to thirty minutes every day. Take a long walk or play some vigorous games daily.

Energy Culture

Observe silence (Mouna) for two hours daily and if one can observe silence for day possibly during off day can help greatly regaining mental strength. Observe celibacy according to ones age and circumstances. Restrict the indulgence to once a week then to a month.

Ethical Culture

Gandhi's_3Monkeys Speak the Truth. Speak little. Speak kindly. Speak sweetly. Do not injure anyone in thought, word or deed. Be kind to all. Be sincere, straightforward and open-hearted in your talks and dealings. Be honest. Earn be the sweat of your brow. Do not accept any money, things or favor unless earned lawfully. Develop nobility and integrity. Control fits of anger by serenity, patience, love, mercy and tolerance. Forget and forgive. Adapt yourself to person and events.

Heart Culture

Doing good to others is the highest religion. Do some selfless service for a few hours every week, without egoism or expectation of reward. Do your worldly duties in the same spirit. Work is worship. Dedicate it to God. Give two to ten percent of your income in charity. Share what you have with others. Let the world be your family. Remove selfishness. Be humble and prostrate yourself to all beings mentally. Feel the Divine Presence everywhere. Give up vanity, pride and hypocrisy. Have unwavering faith in God. Submit to the Divine will in all events and happenings with equanimity. See God in all beings and love them as your own self. Do not hate anyone. Remember God at all times or, at least, on rising from bed, during a pause in work and before going to bed.

Will Culture

Live without sugar for a week or month. Try to avoid salt on Sundays. If possible give up betting and gambling. Fly off from evil company. Avoid discussions with materialists. Do not mix with person who have no faith in God or one who is not believer of selflessness. Curtail your wants. Reduce your possessions. Have plain living and high thinking.

Psychic Culture

GardenWay Spend holidays and leave-periods, whenever possible, in the company of Saints, Gurus, elderly people, father and mother. Bonding with nature is good. Visiting gardens, parks, hiking in mountains brings ones closer to nature. Practice of meditation in seclusion.

Bottom line is, must one need not to turn into a recluse so as to observe the given suggestions. In general all living beings are social and human are indeed very social. Being social we can still choose right people for our life and can adopt suitable way of living.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holistic Approach for Healthy Living

Our good health is the greatest blessing of God. When we born, we get a complete good healthy body. There is very few percentage of babies born with some defects or problems. If being health our main objective is to nourish our body, protect it and keep it in best form by time to time maintaining the functions of our body. For maintenance of our body we have to do certain work out, some people do exercise, some take massage and some play games. To strengthening the body steroids are not the solution. For this modern chemical drugs are of no use, for this the best way is to go by Nature. We are also a nature's product and to protect it by keeping our body in fittest form is possible only by Nature Way. Nature is very vast and has lot to give. If we study animals and plants life we can understand, that those living beings are using only natural product for their betterment. They live with the nature and behave according to nature, that's why they doesn't get ill very quickly. Where as we human want's every thing fast and behave just opposite to the nature.

Realizing the secrets of the good health of animals and needs to be in good health, then we have to go with nature. Our ancestors have studied on this nature care system very early. In some ancient civilizations we could find the evidences of health care practiced on basis of nature. Ayurveda a well known herbal medicine system was discovered in ancient times. So as with Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Tia Chi, etc.,. Since then thousands of years has passed, still they are practice and now gaining recognition in other corners of world.

Our age old alternative health care system are as essential as modern medicinal system to bring about holistic well-being.